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IRCTC Tools and Tips

Happy Diwali Everyone. With this festive season on the verge, millions of people are struggling to get train reservations in order to reach their hometowns. However, many users find issues with IRCTC website, due to it’s extremely low server response time and very high traffic during the peak hours. So, to help out my avid blog readers, I have compiled a few tips to successfully book tickets through the official IRCTC website.

Tools for a good IRCTC Experience

IRCTC website is renowned for it’s terrifying user experience. I haven’t known a single user who hasn’t negatively commented regarded it’s low speed. So, if you want a more success rate probability and a little edge over other users, Use these handy tools illustrated below.

Magic AutoFill

Magic AutoFill is an exclusive tool created for autofilling the registration forms (Passenger Name, Class, Berth Preference, Age, e.t.c) during the ticket reservation page. It was developed by Mr. Amit Agarwal, a renowned blogger at You can install this tool and autofill the forms during IRCTC ticket booking page.


You can connect through an alternative proxy server located close to the official servers, for a little quicker server response time and page load speed.  Choose premium proxies over free proxy servers for enhanced quality.

Browser and PC

Use a good browser which uses minimal CPU resources such as Opera Turbo, UC Browser for PC, e.t.c.

Hope you have a great weekend. Have a great festive weekend everyone. Let me know if you have any questions or queries.



Latest features of PowerPoint 15

Microsoft a week ago announced the most up-to-date release of the most in-demand production suite A.K.A it’s significant solution, Microsoft Office 2013. They have decide to put a good deal of effort on enhancing PowerPoint to fight versus it’s rivals. Visit Free PowerPoint Templates, template powerpoint

The brand new Office is designed for the new Microsoft windows 8’s touch graphical user interface. It is overhauled for mobile phone and portable editions. It’s dual compatibility is designed to support the Latest Windows 8.

Gui: Ms powerpoint 2013 works on the Metro User interface, the base graphical user interface of Ms windows 8. There was a perfect overhaul of the particular menu bar. Office 2013’s interface is re-designed to for touch screen. It currently comes with a report tab at the top. It shows the actual Live Profile name.

Forms: It’s simple to merge shapes as with Keynote and build dozens of modern shapes within your creative imagination. You shouldn’t merely count on standard shapes. It actually will save you 100s of hours in designing some elementary sizes and shapes. I practically spent a number of hours designing them manually.

Connect to cloud: It is easy to synchronize your Ms powerpoint together with GoogleDrive account to auto up load all your speeches to your own cloud storage account. In before editions, it was doable though external extensions.

Executive Leather PowerPoint Template

Brown Executive Leather PowerPoint Template is a free Executive PPT template design that you can download with a brown color. This free formal template for PowerPoint can be used to decorate your legal presentations or executive PowerPoint presentations. You can download free elegant and formal PowerPoint templates to make impressive presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Download Blue Leather PowerPoint Template

Benefits of using high quality PowerPoint Templates

Why is it suggested to use illustrative PPT Backgrounds inside your presentations. There are lots of reasons, you happen to be persuaded to utilize good background images for your upcoming presentation. The reason ranges from good audience reponsible to affect the target audience. Why you should not use default backgrounds and templates furnished by Office.

Advantages of using illustrative backgrounds

1. Backgrounds blend to your presentations, they render your presentations more viewable

2. For more innovative backgrounds you can also choose videos configure them as background in PowerPoint 2010 and later to be more interactive. You may make obama election campaign styled video with animated text in a single pane and video on another pane.

3. You’ll be able to impress your projects mates with well integrated background elements and clipart

4. Suppose for example, you might be giving an exhibition about heart and it’s functioning. You can embed a video in the second pane with animation and illustration regarding it’s functioning.

Actually there are numerous other benefits of using creative and intuitive background images on your own presentation aside from the methods i’ve stated earlier

After you’ve set your presentation with a good background, you need take care of the PowerPoint template. Here are a few benefits of Free PowerPoint Templates.

1. It allows you save thousands of hours of time in designing the template by download pre-made templates

2. They are designed by professionals.
However, it may seem pre-made templates may spoil your reputation because audience might feel they are overused rather than professional. You don’t need to be worried about that, there are approximately an incredible number of templates on the internet. It’s impossible to recognize yours

Get Free ClipArt For PowerPoint

Looking for Free Clipart and Vector Cartoons for your next PowerPoint Presentation. Visit our site for massive collection of ClipArt for PowerPoint. We have thousands of Templates, Backgrounds, ClipArt, Sound

However, These Clipart are completely free to Use

What are PowerPoint Templates

One of the most effective methods to make your presentation more effective is by using good PowerPoint themes that are accessible on the internet for free download. How can we make the best out of them? Which is the right theme to choose to increase increase attractiveness of the presentations? And appeal to the viewers and lure them into what you are providing. You should have a clear overview of what you are going to present in the powerpoint presentation and choose the elements accordingly without any confusion. Step one would be finding out exactly what the topic of your own demonstration is. You should choose the apt PowerPoint Template related the topic of presentation.

So how can the PowerPoint Templates really affect your presentation. Consider you are giving a portfolio or overview of your new startup (a Business), you have arranged a conference to get potential investors for your investing in your projects. A good design would help acting like an eye candy to the viewers and to pay more concentration to your presentation. Another great example would be educational PowerPoint presentations, The students would certainly pay more concentration to visually appealing presentation which can be easily achievable by using a good Presentation design.

PowerPoint is loaded with default templates and styles developed by the Microsoft theme, they are minimalist and aren’t much attractive. It is always advisable to choose an elegant, minimalist design template.

Moreover Medical Study shows in reveals that the most effective source of learning Is visual conception which is followed by writing and then audio, this clearly indicates that an attracting Presentation design that keeps your viewers paying more concentration to your presentation. You can find totally free PowerPoint web templates on the internet which completes eliminates the need for re designing the template elements, UI from scratch which is very time taking process and could take hours.

PowerPoint Templates are designed to present distinct data. graphs, chart, data tables, platforms, illustrations of the topic you are currently presenting. These are pre-made making them does need creative skill and time to place the elements and designing it visually appealing., this also makes it possible for consumers to make lovely reports in a short time. Updates along with tweaking written content is possible with completely re-writing it from scratch which saves a lot of time. A basic text template provides the designer with suggestions of the content placement without having to waste time experimenting the positions manually.

PowerPoint Templates would be your best bet to create consistent powerpoint templates and slides on the go without any hassle with designing and positioning which takes a lot of time than you can imagine. So instead of using default templates provided by Microsoft which aren’t visually appealing, it is always advisable to choose a custom made template.

Visit for free templates